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HKT education has been committed to serving over 100 local schools in upgrading their network system and e-learning resources, developing ICT education, making it almost effortless for teachers to integrate technology into their teaching and optimizing the efficiency of e-classroom.

With strong support from its parent company PCCW, which is an expert in telecommunications and IT solutions, HKT education Academy regularly organizes different seminars and training courses to share with participants practical ways to incorporate e-learning into pedagogy effectively.

Course Highlight

Highly Practical Course Content
Our team understands the needs and difficulties of teachers and IT administrators. Therefore, our courses place great emphasis on helping teachers to increase teaching efficiency through online school management system.

Balance between Theory and Application
To help the schools enhance teaching efficiency, our certified teaching team use their specialties to offer suggestions about the tools and system that best fit the need of the school.

Advantages of Academy

Professional Development Team
Our team is formed by a group of professional teachers with rich e-learning experience, certified trainers and e-learning consultants.

Cantonese as Medium of Instruction
All courses are conducted in Cantonese so as to cater for local teachers.

Accessible Training Centers
All training centers are located along MTR railway stations or CBDs and are equipped with comprehensive facilities.

HKT education Professional Development Academy Courses

As an Apple Authorized Education Reseller and a Google For Education Partner, HKT education Professional Development Academy courses focus equally on both the theory and application of e-Learning & teaching. It also cover many aspects - from device management, operation of software and hardware to pedagogical application in class. It is suitable for different stakeholders such as teachers and TSS.

HKT education Professional Development Academy Courses Overview

HKT education Professional Development Academy Courses Overview